About Me

Hi there! I will be a PhD student in the fall, and interning for IBM Research this upcoming summer. I am broadly interested reinforcement learning and its applications to robotics.

I finished my M.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech with a specialization in ML where I had the pleasure of collaborating with Matthew Gombolay and was a recipient of the GEM MS fellowship.

I interned previously for the ML group at NASA JPL where I worked on the automatic detection of Martian impact craters. I also interned for Microsoft twice where I optimized advertisement systems. Lastly, I interned for the ML group at Riverside Research twice where I worked on robot manipulation tasks and RL.

I completed my B.S. in Computer Science at California State University Northridge. During this time, I collaborated with the following groups: Theory of Matter and Interfaces Group, Adriano Zambom, the Computational Geometry group at Tufts University, the Systems Engineering Research Laboratory, and the TaV lab.

See my CV for more info. See research for a list of publications.